24 Jul 2013

Bonjour à Paris

Bonjour et Salut,
This year I have spent an extraordinary time in Paris, where I improved my French, met awesome people, and was overwhelmed by the beauty and varity of Paris. Now I am eager to share all my impressions with you and I hope that my photos and comments can deliever at least a fraction of what Paris really is like!!

In my first Paris post, I would like to show you the best of my first days in Paris, which were probably the hardest of my stay, because my friend and I had to walk many kilometers to discover the centre of Paris,... and often just to find back to a metro.

"You have to get lost in Paris, to discover its real beauty"

 My friend searching for some souvenirs at the riverside of the Seine.

 I think we also found the best restaurant in Paris...
And this was one of my outfits, a floral skirt(pimkie) and a black studded T-shirt(bershka) combined with simple flats(new look), ideal for long (I mean really  long!) walks.

xoxo S.

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