4 Aug 2013

Paris, la ville de l'amour

Salut à Paris, once again.
These are the following days of my Paris journey, on which I discovered again different parts of Paris, always having loads of fun with my friends. 
First we went to the fantastic musee d'orsay, where a lot of impressionist paintings are exhibited.
Before it had turned into a museum it was a train station, so there are huge clocks in the main hall, which are also windows. Additionally the museum includes a terrace on the 5th floor with an amazing view over the Seine and Paris.

 The same day in a metro station my friend and I spotted this poster .. what a coincidence it's exactly the book I've been looking for in Pairs. 

The other day we went to Montmartre, where you can take loads of pictures of Sacre Coeur, the view and so on .. a bit touristic if you ask me, but it is absolutely worth coming (even twice, or more often)!!!
When you pass Sacre Coeur and emmerge into the small streets of Montmartre you get overwhelmed by the flair and beauty of Paris streets. The 17th and 18th arrondissment is definitely a place to get lost.. or to take a break in a small cafe, like the "Deux Moullins" (of the movie Amelie) However it does not matter where you are in Paris, there is time and a Patisserie for a Macaron!

Like this, the following days passed, faster then we expected and just slow enough to sample the pleasure of our journey.
In my following post I will show you some more photos of my trip.

xoxo S.