26 Dec 2012

print 1 - roses

This is the first finished print for my T-shirts!

Of course I have first done some test prints to eventually find mistakes. Now there is nothing that stops me from printing my t-shirts ...well, I need waterproof colour .. :P

by S&S

24 Dec 2012

print 1 in progress

Who knew, that designing a print could be so hard! .. definitely not me!

First I drew the original rose, then I scaned it, croped it and printed it out so I could copy it on the linoleum.

by S&S

8 Dec 2012

covering dip dye

Today I am presenting to you my daily outfit and my latest creation. As I dip dyed my new t-shirts I also dyed an old blouse (h&m).

Thanks for 10,000 views 

by S&S

25 Nov 2012

new project

This is about my new project. I designed  two T-shirts (male/female) and this is a preview.

by S&S

2 Nov 2012

it's art, too!

Having loads of spare time on a friday night (hell knows why), my friend and me got very creative and improved our art skills. You see. ^^

Just to make sure, we are not crazy.. ^^ maybe a bit.

by S&S

22 Oct 2012

thanks to my friend

This might be the best introduction I can give. Sometimes there is better music on the radio than you expect, today was this special occasion. However, of course I know that not all of you will like it, but please don't tell me! ;)

Thanks to my friend, that I was allowed to steel his hat. You see I enjoyed having it. ^^

by S&S

13 Oct 2012

hamburg - true love

Autumn half term is one of the best weeks in the year, just after summer holidays. You are exhausted of the first weeks of school, which are usually harder then you expected and in my case you can finally go to Hamburg, you were looking forward to for so long. Suprisingly it's the same each year.

by S&S

30 Sep 2012

just another day in my life ...

To keep my blog diversified I went to yet another diffrent city to take pictures. I could tell you a cute story about me and my friend taking these pictures and so on ... but I recently was told that no one would possibly be interessted in all that personal stuff and I now agree with him. 
I hope you like the pictures, maybe they tell the story themselves.

my outfit: jumper(river island), trousers(bershka), blouse & bag(primark), shoes(new look)

by S&S