28 May 2012

days like this ...

Here comes my outfit for the day. 

 I'm wearing a dress from h&m, a necklace from Primark and a vintage belt.
The blue blazer is 100% selfmade and selfdesigned.
I'm so proud that it worked well, and I really hope that someone apart from me thinks it looks good.
Well ... I have to think that it looks good, I designed it. ^^

And here is a close up of my necklace and my belt.

 by S&S

25 May 2012

one of my new faves - mint

Every girl knows, how exciting it can be to wear something for the first time.
So do I. I love the feeling to present, what I have searched for so long, or what I just found randomly. In this case, I'm the lucky owner of a new pair of shorts and a new lace top.

 lace top, shorts: primark
shoes: New Look
watch: accessorize

 necklace: a gift of my lovely friends

by S&S

PS: I'm very suprised I found my new clothes in Germany.

20 May 2012

a bit of summer

Even if it's still spring, summer feels so close on these warm and sunny days as we had today.

Top: New Yorker , Skirt: Zara, Clutch: New Look, Sunglasses: Bijou Brigitte, Necklace: Primark
by S&S

(PS: hope, you like it more, than the people on lookbook ^^)