6 Mar 2016

2016/ Dress One - Phase 1

after more than a year I decided to give it a new try and start designing/ blogging again.
I am planing on creating several new designs this year. Some are going to be reanimated old ideas and of course some new ones as well, as far as I have the time.

My "Dress One" is a rather old design, that I never published on this blog. It is going to be a tight black dress with sweet ruches in thej middle.
And here is my first update:

21 Jul 2014

My gentle tiger ...

Hi guys,
here comes (I know some time has passed) a new post!

In theses pictures you can see the result of another small art experiment. The idea stroke me around christmas and I couldn't let go of it, until I finally got the new material and developed a whole new art project.

 For a change I decided to change the medium from textiles to glass, and I loved the experiment. It was a lot of fun to create some stuff for my home bar (which is far too big) and I now decided to sell one of my favorite pieces on Ebay.

This wonderfull tiger head that found a place on one of my martini glasses is surrounded by transparent streaks of goldglitter.
I hope you like it. :)

xoxo S.

4 Aug 2013

Paris, la ville de l'amour

Salut à Paris, once again.
These are the following days of my Paris journey, on which I discovered again different parts of Paris, always having loads of fun with my friends. 
First we went to the fantastic musee d'orsay, where a lot of impressionist paintings are exhibited.
Before it had turned into a museum it was a train station, so there are huge clocks in the main hall, which are also windows. Additionally the museum includes a terrace on the 5th floor with an amazing view over the Seine and Paris.

 The same day in a metro station my friend and I spotted this poster .. what a coincidence it's exactly the book I've been looking for in Pairs. 

The other day we went to Montmartre, where you can take loads of pictures of Sacre Coeur, the view and so on .. a bit touristic if you ask me, but it is absolutely worth coming (even twice, or more often)!!!
When you pass Sacre Coeur and emmerge into the small streets of Montmartre you get overwhelmed by the flair and beauty of Paris streets. The 17th and 18th arrondissment is definitely a place to get lost.. or to take a break in a small cafe, like the "Deux Moullins" (of the movie Amelie) However it does not matter where you are in Paris, there is time and a Patisserie for a Macaron!

Like this, the following days passed, faster then we expected and just slow enough to sample the pleasure of our journey.
In my following post I will show you some more photos of my trip.

xoxo S.

24 Jul 2013

Bonjour à Paris

Bonjour et Salut,
This year I have spent an extraordinary time in Paris, where I improved my French, met awesome people, and was overwhelmed by the beauty and varity of Paris. Now I am eager to share all my impressions with you and I hope that my photos and comments can deliever at least a fraction of what Paris really is like!!

In my first Paris post, I would like to show you the best of my first days in Paris, which were probably the hardest of my stay, because my friend and I had to walk many kilometers to discover the centre of Paris,... and often just to find back to a metro.

"You have to get lost in Paris, to discover its real beauty"

 My friend searching for some souvenirs at the riverside of the Seine.

 I think we also found the best restaurant in Paris...
And this was one of my outfits, a floral skirt(pimkie) and a black studded T-shirt(bershka) combined with simple flats(new look), ideal for long (I mean really  long!) walks.

xoxo S.

5 Jun 2013


This weekend, I am going to visit my love London, again. I am so excited to see the big city again! After I have not been in England for something like a year, I am very much looking forward to this event and I am intending to take loads of nice pictures. Hopefully the weather will support me with sun, and high temperatures, so that London's fashion world will awake and reveal our 2013 summer trends ... but I will see. First thing to do is ENJOY the short trip. 

xoxo S.

19 May 2013


Hey, this my latest creation. A dip dye top with an aztec print on the back.
Hope you like it.

by S&S

16 May 2013

mädchenflohmarkt und kleiderkreisel

Hi there,

after hearing a lozt about "Mädchenflohmarkt" and "Kleiderkreisel" , I decided to become a member, too.
First of all I might introduce you (who have not heard of these websites,yet) to the two german websites.
The concept of both websites is, to conect woman that want to sell old clothes, and woman who want to get some new clothes with a little budget.


I am one of the women with an overcroweded cupboard .. well, to be honest, with two cupboards , filled to the top. After facing the problem of think I would actually wear all pieces of clothing that are currently living in my cupboard, I somehow sorted out, which pieces I probably would not wear after all.
I took some nice photos, uploaded all information and soon I will see wether it was a good idea or not.

If you are keen to find out which other pieces are about to leave my cosy wardrobe forever check my accounts:


Hope you like my stuff.

By S&S

14 Apr 2013


Thanks for 14.000 views 
 by S&S

DIY blazer in nature

Enjoying the first days of spring, a friend and me went to have a fantastic picnic.

by S&S

10 Apr 2013

it's cologne again!

It was once again time for my friend and me to meet in Cologne!
And these are our outfits we wore that day.

I am wearing a treggins (zara) underneath a bleached denim shirt and if it gets cold a white jumper (both primark). My shoes are simple black chucks and as accessory I've got a black and white bag and leo-sunglasses.

My friend is wearing high waiste trousers underneath a black basic top, matched with a woolen jacket and a glamourous clutch (both bershka). To round of her outfit she chose worker boots.

Thanks again to you! :)

by S&S