30 Sep 2012

just another day in my life ...

To keep my blog diversified I went to yet another diffrent city to take pictures. I could tell you a cute story about me and my friend taking these pictures and so on ... but I recently was told that no one would possibly be interessted in all that personal stuff and I now agree with him. 
I hope you like the pictures, maybe they tell the story themselves.

my outfit: jumper(river island), trousers(bershka), blouse & bag(primark), shoes(new look)

by S&S

13 Sep 2012

flowers vs galaxy

That day in Cologne, I wore FLORAL printed leggins(blanco) black high heels (daisystreet.co.uk) and a black and white blouse (select).

And my friend Claire wore galaxy leggins, a black, transparent half transparent shirt (h&m)
 and white flats.

And this very last picture is dedicated to my friend Claire.
I'm glad I met you.

by S&S

9 Sep 2012

sunshine , or the second part of my holiday

Ever seen the world through rose-coloured glasses. Well, I haven't, but my sunglasses do their best to show me a shiny world. At least during the summerholidays it works perfectly.
On my trip around Fuerteventura, I saw a lot of inspiring things, such as a interesting constructed church frontside, some spanish signs, which look indeed totally diffrent to the german ones, a spanish painting, that looks pretty cool, but just says don't go fishing (or something like that, my spanish isn't the very best) and a beach bar.