12 Feb 2013

photoshoot (forest) - part 2

This is the second part of my photoshooting in the forest. Thanks to my friend Mona, we took some nice pictures, which will be soon used for my designs.

First some preperations.

I hope I could give you a varitey of different pcitures and positions 
and I hope you like these pictures.

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by S&S

3 Feb 2013

Some Hairstyles :)


Hey, it's me again, Sarah :) Long time no see :D ;)
Yey, finally Selina and I had the chance to meet again :)
And we first tried out some of my favorite hairstyles :)

This is a regular fishtailbraid :) I was inspired of the latest episode of pretty little liars :D

Sounds like a cliché, but I guess models aren't always easy to work with, aren't they ? jk :D ;) <3
This is what I call : " double waterfallbraid" :) Am I the only one thinking of a mermaid ,while sporting this hairstyle ? :D ;)

Another picture of this hair  :)

A non-casual updo :) I love the way it looks on dip dye hair and on my favorite hair model :D :) <3

This is how it looks from the side ...

...and from the back :)

You could call this a "hair bow", easily to recreate with the help of some youtube gurus :P ;)

Guys, tell us what you think about these hair styles in the comment box below ;) :)

Otherwise, we would be very ...

...sad, indeed :( :D haha :D

Guess that's enough for today :) <3 xxx :)

Your S&S Team