3 Feb 2013

Some Hairstyles :)


Hey, it's me again, Sarah :) Long time no see :D ;)
Yey, finally Selina and I had the chance to meet again :)
And we first tried out some of my favorite hairstyles :)

This is a regular fishtailbraid :) I was inspired of the latest episode of pretty little liars :D

Sounds like a cliché, but I guess models aren't always easy to work with, aren't they ? jk :D ;) <3
This is what I call : " double waterfallbraid" :) Am I the only one thinking of a mermaid ,while sporting this hairstyle ? :D ;)

Another picture of this hair  :)

A non-casual updo :) I love the way it looks on dip dye hair and on my favorite hair model :D :) <3

This is how it looks from the side ...

...and from the back :)

You could call this a "hair bow", easily to recreate with the help of some youtube gurus :P ;)

Guys, tell us what you think about these hair styles in the comment box below ;) :)

Otherwise, we would be very ...

...sad, indeed :( :D haha :D

Guess that's enough for today :) <3 xxx :)

Your S&S Team

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