26 Dec 2012

print 1 - roses

This is the first finished print for my T-shirts!

Of course I have first done some test prints to eventually find mistakes. Now there is nothing that stops me from printing my t-shirts ...well, I need waterproof colour .. :P

by S&S

24 Dec 2012

print 1 in progress

Who knew, that designing a print could be so hard! .. definitely not me!

First I drew the original rose, then I scaned it, croped it and printed it out so I could copy it on the linoleum.

by S&S

8 Dec 2012

covering dip dye

Today I am presenting to you my daily outfit and my latest creation. As I dip dyed my new t-shirts I also dyed an old blouse (h&m).

Thanks for 10,000 views 

by S&S