30 Aug 2012

I take you to summer paradise

It's the time of the year, when you can finally go on your longtime anticipated holiday! And how could it be diffrent about me. I really love my summer vacations! Sun, sea, Spain, a lot of fun and relaxing at the beach. However, as always I do find the time to take some photos of the panorama, my clothings and so on.

by S&S

27 Aug 2012


My dear friend Anna wanted a new shirt. A perfect experiment for me! In this case I didn't sew the shirt. I got it for 2 euros, then I cut of the arms, etc. and drew a painting to make it worth wearing and worth looking! Hope you like it.

by S&S

8 Aug 2012

old towns tell stories

When the vacations begin, you already know, there'll be a lot of spare time. Some of us just lay in bed all day, and don't even think of going outside, others enjoy partying all night or others like my friends and me think it's time for a nice photoshoot. 

 This is my friend Claire, who is obsessed (I think) with clothes and shoes (as long as they are special and not mainstream).



 And this is my other friend Anna, who has a totally diffrent style, which is more common. 

I'm wearing a top (new look), black jeans and a silver shirt (both h&m) and chucks.

So everyone has his own opinon about vacations and his own way to enjoy them.

 by S&S
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5 Aug 2012

represent CUBA

For all those who just came back from a holiday, who are still on a holiday, or for those who are looking forward to a holiday.

Un poco de musica latina!

by S&S