19 May 2013


Hey, this my latest creation. A dip dye top with an aztec print on the back.
Hope you like it.

by S&S

16 May 2013

mädchenflohmarkt und kleiderkreisel

Hi there,

after hearing a lozt about "Mädchenflohmarkt" and "Kleiderkreisel" , I decided to become a member, too.
First of all I might introduce you (who have not heard of these websites,yet) to the two german websites.
The concept of both websites is, to conect woman that want to sell old clothes, and woman who want to get some new clothes with a little budget.


I am one of the women with an overcroweded cupboard .. well, to be honest, with two cupboards , filled to the top. After facing the problem of think I would actually wear all pieces of clothing that are currently living in my cupboard, I somehow sorted out, which pieces I probably would not wear after all.
I took some nice photos, uploaded all information and soon I will see wether it was a good idea or not.

If you are keen to find out which other pieces are about to leave my cosy wardrobe forever check my accounts:


Hope you like my stuff.

By S&S