4 Oct 2011


LONDON <3 .... you must have been there. I had the chance to spend a weekend in this beautiful city, and I really enjoied it. But of course I didn´t forget my blog. So I picked out some nice dressed girls. So I can give you a little overview about London´s street style. I really like those colours! It´s a very romantic outfit in my opinion. Just stylish. The combination of this special top and those wide trousers is really up to date, even if it looks very summerlike. But all (including me) have the excuse that it was arround 30°C! i also like, the combination of white and black. She left out colours... sometimes they are just not needed. And later in the afternoon, I met these fashionistas. I think, also perfectly styled for the night. With High heels and great hairstyles! I think I don´t have to say anything else about them and there outfits! ... So you see... just what you expect of London! Haha... and now me, how I try to keep up with them... but I´m a tourist! I think I´m styled nice for this. But form your own opinion about my outfit... by S&S

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